For more than 60 years the search for quality has been a constant at CUCHILLERÍA AGRÍCOLA MARTORELL, S.L., a fact which has allowed us to develop products of maximum reliability in spare parts and OEM equipment for the sector of Agriculture, gardening, stockbreeding and public works. Products which can satisfy the most demanding consumer.

With a wide range of models, our products include blades for rotary tillers, motor hoes, walking tractors, clods crushers and potato equipment; tillers; hammers and blades for choppers / mulchers and flail mowers; rotary cutters / slashers, finishing and lawn mowers; tines and knives for rotary power harrows; springs and points for vibro-cultivators; shredders, log splitters, unweeders for gutters and trenchers; hammers for mills; blades and discs for mixers, silo unloaders and silo fillers; special bolts and nuts for blades; etc

In addition to this, we add a productive system with a great flexibility to adapt to all the needs of the consumer as well as a careful service and a conscientious attention to the client. Therefore CUCHILLERÍA AGRÍCOLA MARTORELL, S.L. has become the unquestionable leader of sales in Spain and Portugal and has been gathering ground in international markets.

In spite of all this, we are aware of the fact that the search for quality is still our top priority. Quality of products and quality of life and respect for our environment as a firm devoted to agricultural products must do. We have been recognized in this aspect with the nomination in the last edition of rewards “Valencia-Technical Innovation“ in its modality of saving and energetic efficiency. But above all these rewards it is the observation of the results obtained and the satisfaction of our clients which encourages us to follow the trajectory of perfection already started and which has made CUMAR® a trade mark of recognised prestige worldwide.


Endorsed by our experience in the field of forging and hot moulding and due to continuous experiments and tests of materials carried out with the most modern systems, we have specialized in the use of steel and thermic application treatments, according to the design of each piece, the labour and the land it is designed for.

Thus we use elastic steel 55Si7*, Boronsteel 30MCB5* or steel for hardener 2C45* in our products. In the same way, the heating treatments include hardening and tempering as a standard process which in some specific cases are complemented by hardener, carbonitriding or partial induction hardening depending on its technical requirement and with a conscientious application.

This specialization makes CUMAR® products to offer the greatest toughness, elasticity and hardness (45÷52 HRC) with minimum erosion and zero rate of breakage as the aimed outcomes. All this is complemented with major resistance to abrasion, efficiency and duration.

Combining these qualities with optimal designs and thorough quality and final controls in our laboratories, which are equipped with highly skilled technical staff and the most advanced techniques, we have achieved a zero flaw rate in recent years, what has made our firm the only Spanish manufacturer capable of providing these services and our trademark CUMAR® a synonym of quality and guarantee.

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